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Ecograss Middle East is an eco-friendly artificial grass company based in Dubai. Ecograss boasts of a highly experienced and professional team with years of experience in the market to help you fulfil all kinds of artificial grass related requirements in the region. Ecograss Middle East ensures that our customers are satisfied with our premium quality of products and excellent quality of services. Ecograss, as the name suggests, is eco- friendly, needs no fertilization or chemicals, mowing, and most importantly – these don’t require watering. Eco grass has become the favourite of clients in the region as we supply and install premium quality and affordable eco-friendly artificial grass. Adding value to your garden can be an expensive exercise these days, but Ecograss middle east believes in improving your garden with our artificial grass that adds aesthetic value without burning a hole in the pocket. Eco artificial grass looks so real that it is impossible to differentiate between a real grass lawn and an Ecograss lawn. Ecograss ensures you a garden which looks great all seasons. In addition, we use only the highest-quality yarns and the latest assembly and quality control techniques to ensure the reliability and longevity of our products. Ecograss ensures that our grass is of the highest quality as we use advanced production technology. We provide 10 years warranty for reassurance. Enjoy peace of mind whilst sitting back in your lawn graced by ecograss.



Generating savings on time and up-keep costs. This applies to homeowners, the elderly for whom maintenance is not viable, second/holiday homeowners and, organizations such as schools, hotels, and hospitals.


Artificial grass is ideal where water is scarce or the expense to maintain a garden is comparatively high. For those on water meters, artificial grass ensures there’s no wastage of water – during warm weather, it’s estimated that as much as 40% of residential water is used to irrigate lawns.


Artificial lawn; no need for pesticides and mowing


Ideal for effective, minimal maintenance landscaping and play areas. You will have a lush green garden, all seasons.


Our artificial garden turf products are identical to real grass. You will see that our bi-colours models are extremely close to natural grass.


The quality of products offered by Ecograss is so premium that you don’t have to worry about it once installed. We offer 8 years of warranty so that you can just sit back and relax.

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