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Eco Prime is the premium range and most preferred product of Eco Grass Middle East. Specifically designed to be used in commercial and residential landscapes. Prime is a tri color grass with a blend of Pine Green, Bamboo Green and Light Brown.
Picture a lawn that stays green throughout the year, no matter the weather conditions! Forget about insects, weeds, brown patches or holes because your new lawn won’t require much maintenance or water.
Eco prime synthetic grass is a premium artificial grass model and is a top choice among the customers in the region. In addition to its realistic appearance, Eco prime artificial grass features a “C” shape technology, which allows this turf to handle moderate foot traffic for all types of landscape installations. The turf backing features an extremely strong tuft bind technology where the grass blades are triple reinforced into the backing. No more worrying about your dog’s daily bone hunt! Manufactured to blend in with your natural environment, Eco prime is a perfect water-saving landscape alternative.

In addition to superior backing technology, Eco prime also features perforation, which allows pet urine, rain or any liquid to easily pass through without difficulty. Any additional residue requires a simple spray of the garden hose!
We guarantee our Eco Prime will save you time, water and money. Backed by our 10-year warranty, this product is an excellent choice for any landscape.

Common Uses : 

  •  Lawns

  •  Balconies

  •  Patios

  •  Rooftops

  •  Trade events

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